Explore the rich military history of Oregon at the Oregon Military Museum and its Historic Park. While the grand opening of the main building is yet to be determined, visitors of all ages are invited to experience everything that OMM has to offer. Discover, explore, and learn about Oregon’s military legacy of people, actions, and technologies and their impact on the state, the nation and beyond from pre-statehood to present day. Best of all, admission is always free!

Explore the Historic Park

Anchoring OMM’s Historic Park are two c1911 buildings original to Camp Withycombe – the Quartermaster Storehouse (a walk-through interpretive center) and the Battery A Field Artillery Horse Barn (featuring a collection of Japanese and American artillery).

Step into what was once an officers’ horse barn and submerge yourself in the rich history of the Oregon National Guard’s Battery A, whose lineage dates back to 1866 and considered the root of today’s 218th Field Artillery Regiment. Surround yourself with a collection of field artillery spanning nearly 100 years from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s and take in the subtle and not-so-subtle technological advances. Don’t forget to look up and see the names of the horses who once called the barn home over a century ago.

Walk through the Quartermaster Storehouse and explore the early years of the Oregon National Guard, the history of Camp Withycombe, and the movement of supplies and trainees during the early 1900s. While the walk-in Sibley tent give you a feel of living and training in an early 20th century encampment, stories of accumulating and moving food and supplies to rural training camps offer insights into the planning and logistics needed without plumbing or refrigeration, or even major roadways. Make sure to try your hand at stacking cargo into a supply wagon with our interactive puzzle challenge.

And don’t forget the tanks, or more specifically the tracked vehicles. The outdoor display lets you get up close but make sure to keep your feet on the ground. Please do not climb on any of the vehicles.

See What OMM Has Planned

Once completed, the Oregon Military Museum’s main building will showcase its renowned collection of artifacts, archives, and images that bring Oregon’s military history to life. Covering all branches of the US Armed Forces, including the Oregon National Guard, exhibits will highlight the service members and people who have called this region home, and their impact on our state, nation, and world. From pre-statehood to present-day service, the Museum will offer a unique opportunity to explore the people, actions, and technologies that shaped Oregon’s unique history. 

Drill Floor Gallery: Our first-generation permanent exhibit tells Oregon’s story through the people, actions, and technologies that would come to define Oregon’s military legacy from pre-statehood to present-day.

Temporary Gallery: The side gallery will house rotating exhibits, exploring stories and themes through artifacts and images from OMM’s permanent collection or through traveling exhibits related to OMM’s mission.

Weapons Gallery: Housed in what was once an indoor firing range, the gallery will feature a selection of small arms from OMM’s collection, one of the largest publicly available collections west of the Mississippi River.

Hall of Valor: The events and programs space open to the public will honor Medal of Honor recipients who at one time called Oregon home, including a digital interactive exhibition highlighting each recipient.