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Collections Donations

The Oregon Military Museum gratefully reviews all donation offers relating to the Museum’s scope and mission; that is, Oregon’s military history from the 1800s to the present, including home front support. Potential artifact donations might include military-related personal objects, artwork, or equipment; books, manuals, and other nonfiction publications; or photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, home videos, audio recordings, and other personal papers.

At present, the Museum is in the middle of a two-year project, causing a delay in the acquisitions process. As such, we are accepting donations on a limited basis.

To submit a donation offer, please complete the Patron Donation Offer Worksheet (or submit similar documentation containing the requested information). This worksheet, also available for download below, not only assists in creating a donation inventory, but also in outlining its condition, how you acquired it, and each item’s connection to Oregon or an Oregon service member. All offers are reviewed by a Collections Committee.

Donations may only be accepted as unrestricted and unconditional gifts.

Donations brought directly to the Museum will not be accepted. Prior review must take place by the Collections Committee.

The Museum is unable to accept artifacts, archives, or publications that do not fit within OMM’s mission and scope, are in poor condition, harbor active infestation, or include potentially hazardous material such as radioactive objects, live ammunition, or unexploded ordnance.

Museum staff cannot provide appraisals nor recommend appraisers. Please visit the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) website or call 800-272-8258.

Financial Donations

The Oregon Military Museum uses donated funds to fulfill its mission through collections care, educational outreach and programming, collections access, research services, volunteer training, museum operations, exhibit development, and special projects.

Financial contributors can donate to the Museum’s auxiliary organization, the Oregon Military Museum Project, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized to raise funds for the ongoing operation and evolution of the Oregon Military Museum. Donate securely online and help OMM thrive.

For those not interested in a tax receipt, there is an option to donate directly to the Museum. Contact the Museum Director at 971-355-2282 for more information.

In-Kind Donations

What do a trailer, office supplies, picnic table, light meter, refrigerator, and electric tea kettle have in common? They might all be welcomed in-kind gifts!

The Oregon Military Museum is grateful for the many outside resources that help keep it operating. In-kind donations help alleviate our expenses and may be tax deductible.

Please contact the Museum Director at 971-355-2282 if you have something you think we might need or could use.

Patron Donation Offer Form