Donate to the Collections

Artifact, Library and Archives Donations to the Oregon Military Museum

The curatorial staff at the Oregon Military Museum gratefully reviews all offers of donations relating to the Museum's scope and mission; that is, Oregon's military history from the 1800s to the present. Potential artifact donations might include military objects, equipment, vehicles, or artwork. Library donations may include military books, manuals, and archives materials such as photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, and other personal papers.

When presenting an offer, please share any information you have regarding the item's connection to Oregon, its condition, and how you acquired it. Donations may only be accepted as unrestricted and unconditional gifts.

The Museum is unable to accept objects and library materials that do not relate or connect to Oregon, items in poor condition, or with active infestation, or potentially hazardous items such as radioactive objects, live ammunition, or unexploded ordnance.